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At O'Brien Employment our philosophy has always been simple. We treat people the way that we would want to be treated by an employment professional. What that means is that we put the needs of our clients before our own. We strive to make every placement one that will make a fit that could last a life time.

We firmly believe that candidates are more than resumes and employers are more than paychecks. Everyone that we work with has specific needs and desires. Often the right match is not as clear on the surface as it is when you know the personalities of both parties.

Many skills can be taught. Personality can not. If a person has the right attributes to be a great member of one company they could quite possibly just as wrong for another company in the same industry. We take the  history of people very seriously.

Past performance is a strong indicator of future results. If a candidate has been with a company for an extended period of time they will repeat this if the next opportunity and culture is a good fit.
O'Brien Employment has been in the business of matching people with companies that will advance their career goals for almost twenty years. We work in many industries with the same principles in mind. Whether the work is in a warehouse or an operating room you will be given the attention that you deserve. If we do not believe that a match is right we will not make it. Nothing is more precious than your time. If personal service and true concern for your well being is something of value then you will enjoy your experience with us.
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